At Brightree, our Revenue Cycle Management services make sure you’re effectively working all your claims, including your 90-day bucket, to get more cash through the door.

Here are four steps to get you started:

  1. Take a look at your accounts receivable to identify who are your top ten payers.
  2. Next, analyze your payer requirements to determine if your team is following them to ensure clean claims are going out the door.
  3. The next step is reviewing your top denials. If you have modifier or insurance verification denials in your top denial bucket, there’s room for improvement somewhere in your business.
  4. The last step to get your 90-day roll under control is doing a big AR clean-up.

Expert Ashley Brown tells you more. Watch the video.

You can see significant results, too.

■   29% increase in resupply revenue

■   37% increase in revenue per order

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4 steps to roll into cash