“We haven’t had one issue or challenge from intake to discharge. Brightree was there with best practices for all of our processes. They were there with a system that makes sense to clinicians.” 

Deborah Wesley, VP for Clinical Services, Addison County Home Health & Hospice (ACHHH)
What the right technology can do for you, too:

Reduce costs

    • Cuts mileage costs in half
    • Reduces hospice care costs

Advance outcomes

    • Improves care with point-of-care documentation
    • Increases clinician time with patients

Streamline workflows

    • Simplifies workflows from intake to discharge
    • Reduces gaps in care

Strengthen communication

    • Meets regulatory requirements
    • Provides up-to-minute data

Increase satisfaction

    • Energizes a demoralized workforce
    • Secures 100% clinician buy-in

Rewrite your story with Brightree.

The right technology transforms agency from top to bottom.