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Increase your revenue: Brightree customers increasingly comment on that the new revenue streams they created with our integrated revenue-generating solutions more than cover their monthly Brightree license fees.

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We all know the saying "Time=Money". What if you could spend less time and effort managing billing, inventory and technology and more time on higher payoff activities and patient care? Let Brightree be your guide to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your HME business so you can focus on what you do best.

* Offer expires July 31, 2017. Offer does not include training, setup, or fees for any additional Brightree modules. Standard Brightree fees will begin for all services in January 2018. Offer includes monthly license fees and all license/usage fees for Brightree Document Management. Certain rules and restrictions apply for customers who take advantage of 50% off implementation. Please ask your Brightree sales representative for more details.


“Brightree gives us all the tools we need to run a successful business. In my 20 years of experience with many different software companies, Brightree is the best.”

- Deborah Mills, Billing Manager OxygenPlus

Brightree Document Management is the #1 document management solution in the U.S. for the post-acute care market, a complete document workflow solution built for HMEs that works just the way you do... and it can pay for itself in practically no time!

The advanced document-aware capabilities of Brightree Document Management (BDM) give you the power to more efficiently capture, manage, share and secure documentation, while saving you time and money. BDM helps you reduce denials, improve your audit readiness, maximize your purchasing terms and increase capital equipment profitability with maintenance tracking.

With BDM, documents are automatically recognized and barcoded, placed into required workflows and assigned to your review team, then stored in a single, secure system. Audit response and audit status are available directly from within Brightree, reducing audit response times by as much as 70%. You can rest assure that the right documents are in place and are properly reviewed prior to confirmation, and submit claims with confidence that all the necessary documentation is captured.

Learn how Brightree Document Management can give you the peace of mind of secured, accessible documentation along with more efficient workflows and audit readiness.

  Streamline operations – Automation saves time and money and provides immediate access to patient data, which creates a powerful tool for recording, tracking and trending data such as patient vitals and statistics. Additionally, with a reduction in order entry errors, providers feel confident enough in their operations to focus on other value-added tasks that produce better patient outcomes.

  Increase reimbursements – eReferral Management gives HME providers greater and more consistent visibility into a patient’s records, treatments and outcomes to facilitate better patient care and more complete and accurate documentation. Submitting more thorough documentation to payers increases the likelihood of faster and fuller claims reimbursement.

  Strengthen and expand referral relationships – Today’s physicians are expected to communicate electronically, and now, HME providers have the ability to meet this demand. Through electronic collaboration with interoperable technologies, you’ll be much more attuned to your referral sources needs.

  Facilitate better patient care – Having the ability to communicate with other healthcare providers in the patient’s care continuum creates a seamless line of communication, facilitating a better experience for the patient and the provider, including a reduction in readmissions.

  Stay relevant – Referral sources want feedback on how well your products are meeting the needs of patients to prevent readmission. With today’s reimbursement models mandating improved outcomes, physicians look to HME providers that can automate functions such as e-Referrals and electronic signatures.

  "Brightree has helped Fairview service tens of thousands of patients through billing, inventory, patient notes and Document Management. We rely on Brightree for almost everything."

Caralie Roisum
Respiratory Supervisor, Fairview Health Services


Brightree has helped Fairview service tens of thousands of patients through billing, inventory, patient notes and Brightree Document Management. We rely on Brightree for almost everything.

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Caralie Roisum
Respiratory Supervisor, Fairview Health Services